Sams Triple O winers Schedule

2019 outings
Jan, Feb, March the group had 5 luncheon outings
White Spot- 26 members attended
Golden Chopsticks- 31 members attended
Bears Den 20 members attended
Shades on Main- 24 members attended
Defibrillator and CPR course, 26 attended and received certicficates
April, outing, Margies in Riverside, Wash. 11Rigs, 22 members and 2 members for breakfast and pot luck dinner.
May  outing will be Provincial Good Sam Rally in Hope
June outing will be Kettle River RV Park in Rock Creek,
July outing is tentative to Greenwood, BC Home coming 2019.
August outing is tentative to Karen's in Headly or Festival in Princeton.
September outing Possibly Okanagan Rally
October booked to the Grist Mill in Keremeos
November luncheon date not set.
December Christmas party date no set.
A fun time with Fun Members
October 2018 was election year
Wagon Master Albert Makarenko turned over the duties of Wagon Master to Peter Sellmer
Albert Makarenko was elected Chapter President