So what do we do at campouts? With 25 Chapters in BC, what we do could depend on which Chapter

you talk too.

A list of what most Chapters do is as follows;

        Games and you ask what kind of games do Good Samers play at campouts?

        A few of the games that are very popular are "Bean Bag Baseball" and another one is "Bocce"

        Bean Bag Baseball is a baseball game played with 3 small bags filled with pebbles of some kind

        and you throw one bag at a time at a board with round holes which prepresend 1st base, 2nd, 3rd

        home run or and out. 3 gad tossed and no base achieved you are out.

        Complete game rules can be found on the web site.

        Bocce is a game with hard balls about4 to 5 inch in diameter. A smaller ball is tossed out and you try

        to get your bigger ball as close to the small ball as possible. Each ball of the same color closes to the

        small ball gets points. Again, the web site has complete game instruction. Ball Rules

          Pot-luck dinners is  very popular with some Chapters and most have "Happy Hour" in the afternoon.

        Some Chapters may decide to do site seeing , golfing, fishing or go shopping.

        We hope that this will give you some information what a Chapter doses at a campout.